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Does your voice provide a conduit that allows your true Self to be heard?

Does it have the freedom, flexibility, and authenticity you crave?

Is your voice an expressive instrument?

Is it strong enough to be heard?

Is it flexible enough to express you in all your complexity?


We can use our voices as ways to connect with others or as armor that keeps others out.


If you are learning new habits (dialect, dialect modification, vocal change of some sort) I am interested in helping you do that in a way that comes from YOU, not in the manner of applying a “sound” on the outside of you. My goal is not to make you sound like someone other than your real self (though you may find aspects of your voice that express your real self in ways you hadn't imagined).


Think of it this way: if you had been raised by people who spoke a different language you would sound different but would still be your Self. Your voice is ideally expressive and flexible and strong and indisputably and transparently YOU. 


So as you make changes, let’s do it in a way that honors and reflects who you actually are.


VOICE tools and techniques:


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