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Fitzmaurice Voicework®

Fitzmaurice Voicework® is a comprehensive approach to voice training. It includes, as needed, work on breathing and the body, resonance, speech, dialects, impromptu and prepared public speaking, text, singing, voice with movement, and presence. While the training is specific, it is offerred in such a way that it is compatible with other approaches. This unique path to the mastery of vocal functioning was originated by Catherine Fitzmaurice.

Fitzmaurice Voicework
Sarah Collins

This work is taught in classes, workshops, and private coaching.  It is powerful work for finding and utilizing authentic voice, healing old vocal patterns, and freeing the breath and areas of habitual "holding" in the body and mind.  It is a wonderful tool for releasing old ways of being, both physically and vocally, to make way for the establishment of new, healthier patterns.

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Elizabeth Terrel
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