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TPT® Yoga for Actors

                            & Voice Users

TPT®Yoga for Actors & Professional Voice Users is yoga based in the traditional yogic tradition. The focus, however, is on those aspects of yoga asana that support skills needed by actors and those who communicate for a living.


Breath is taught in a way that facilitates good voice work.

Postures are taught with an eye to voice, presence, and contact while respecting the intent and action of the tradition.


We train the body very specifically, isolating the various muscles of the core so the performer can engage the transversus abdominus independent of the obliques, rectus abdominus and other musculature that can inhibit free movement of the diaphragm.


Extremities are opened, extended, and strengthened for length, beauty, line, and expression.


We practice with the intention that every line is inhabited and experienced.


This is not easy work.  Movements are extremely specific. 


But the practice will result in a new freedom physically and vocally, as well as enhanced availability emotionally and spiritually.



TPT®Yoga for Actors & Professional Voice Users certification training is available for certified yoga teachers. 


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