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Screen Coaching

Suddenly, we find ourselves working on screens and socializing on screens in unprecedented ways.  

It's time to learn how to do it WELL. Even those of us who have been coaching and auditioning on screens for years are feeling overwhelmed. I personally have had to step my game up. I can't even imagine how overwhelming this is for those for whom this is a new world. 

For now, I am using this page to offer help. For now, this is free.

Please note that I am copyrighting material as I go, so my text and imagery are copyright protected. 

Content is being added constantly, so check back regularly!

Begin here


Setting yourself

in the camera shot

Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 3.56.59 PM.png

Where do you look?


All  material is the property of Elizabeth Terrel Coaching and is copyright protected by ETC®
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