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When people look at you do they see who you are?

What we wear, how we carry ourselves, what we choose to display or not display - all these choices ideally support and celebrate who we are and what we value to those around us without our even saying a word.

Image Design is about getting the outside of you to reflect who you truly are on the inside. We begin with the physical (personal coloring, body shape, etc.) Then we look at who you are (what you like, what you want, what you value, what appeals to you.) Then together we begin to craft a style that is uniquely yours. 

Our personal style is much more than functional. And it is perceived at a much deeper level by others than we may be aware.

This is NOT about fitting into a specific environment, though I can certainly help you craft a look that suits you for whatever environment you work in or play in. This is about helping you develop the skills to shape your style the way you want it.

Making choices about one’s image is about much more than how we look. 


It is about how we are able to show up in the world. 


It is about presenting a congruent self. 


And it is about celebrating who we ARE.

Marissa Harrington
Kelsley Jackson
Chelsea Wolocko
Chelsea Yordy
Arti Ishak
Laura Obenauf
Natalie Blain
Maile Page Vanderford
Edwin Lee Gibson
Chelsea Morgan
Meghan Shea
Cory O'Brien-Pniewski
Elisa Dely

Color & Image Consulting

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