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Animal Lab is a deep exploration of the capabilities of the body, voice, and imagination. This is not what one usually thinks of when one thinks of theatre animal exercises.

This is an in-depth exploration of animal life and interaction. 


     1. Participants study the physical traits, behavioral traits, motivations,

         and "lifestyle" of an animal of their choice in detail.


     2.  Participants education one another regarding their animal.


     3. They adapt their own body and voice in ways that give them the

         experiential "life" of their animal.


     4. We establish actions and behaviors that allow participants to "do"

         the animal behaviors in a safe way.


     5. Participants live in their animal for extended periods of time -

         interacting as they would in the wild.


Please note that this is a physically demanding class. Great care is taken to ensure safety, and we learn to share weight, but it is still demanding!


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