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Personal Growth Coaching*

*Commonly called Life Coaching

I like to think in terms of creating our favorite lives.

We all get to choose what success looks like in our personal lives. There isn’t any one way to have a great life. Your goals won’t be the same as mine, and they aren’t supposed to be! 

As a coach, I support you as you 

▪️ discover what you want and how you want to experience your life

▪️ build nourishing, fulfilling relationships 

▪️ explore ways of thinking, doing, and feeling that may be new to you, or that may have fallen away at some point

▪️ challenge and reframe outmoded thoughts and beliefs 

▪️ celebrate your victories 

▪️ become more empowered 


I believe in feeling the feelings and doing the stuff we need to do. Feelings are important. So are actions. 

I’m a catalyst… a change agent.

We will absolutely honor feelings and we will absolutely work to create the growth and the life you want.

Relational Coaching
Professional Coaching

Leaders and professional teams need relational and interpersonal skills -- they result in on-the-ground effectiveness. 

As you know, there is no shortage of analysis and critical assessment for those of us who are expected to perform at high levels consistently. 

What is generally missing, though, is an expert outside eye - someone who can help facilitate growth in meaningful directions, support you in implementing effective change, and be present with you as you navigate new challenges and experiences. And it's especially great if it's an empowering experience!

Mindfulness, Presence, & Embodiment

Communication is more than our words --  it's our voice, our alignment (literal and metaphorical), where we stand, how we enter a space, and those little 'uniquely us' things we do.

It's also the habits we practice -- the intention with which we approach others, the meanings we attribute to what we hear and see and how we unconsciously react, and how we physically embody assumptions and expectations.  

How we move through the world matters.

How we are present with, touch, and speak to the people who matter to us shapes the quality of our relationships. 

As a voice, movement, and presence specialist, I specialize in those elements we refer to a non-verbals, which makes up a significant portion of communication (70-90%, depending on whom you ask.)

From learning to handle bodies, to recognizing the power tone and resonance have, to learning to move more consciously alone and in tandem, we will practice ways to be with others consciously.

Gender Embodiment

As a voice and movement specialist, Gender Embodiment work continues to be a focus of my practice.  I am a UM-CGSP recommended provider, and WPATH registered.

If that's why you're here, reach out and I'll send

you an FAQ document.

Then we'll chat a bit and see if I'm the person for you. 

Collaboration Coaching for Artistic Teams

Art forms that require collaboration present their own challenges. 

As a systemic relational specialist and a working theatre artist, I speak the language of the form and understand the inter-connectedness of the professionals in the room.

When decisions are made that impact a production, an organization, or a collective, it can be immensely helpful to have an objective professional in the room who can ask questions and offer insights that preserve relationships without sacrificing the mission.

Potentially challenging areas include:

▪️systemic relational challenges

▪️ Intimacy Staging considerations

▪️ interpersonal conflict

▪️ communication between teams

▪️ JEDI* focused considerations

▪️ season considerations

▪️ organizational structural change

    *justice equity diversity inclusion


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