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Revue Magazine

"In a flurry of clever anachronisms that force contemporary audiences to perceive history as a continuum, they swear at her freely as she espouses self-helpisms that, channelled through Elizabeth Terrell’s unforgettable performance make this powerful archetypal character come across as of her time, of our time, and yet utterly timeless. We see ourselves in her, feel our own difficult choices and consequences in the tremendous layers of emotion expressed on her face and through her bold breath and movements, both symbolic and deeply felt, sympathetic and yet extraordinarily complex. As envisioned by Hnath, Nora is a feminist anti-hero who’s not entirely sympathetic and has the potential to come off as overly stylized and cold; however, Terrell gives her warmth and life and simultaneously offers hopefulness and hopelessness in her largesse on the roller coaster of this seemingly never-ending loop in which we’re all, in many ways, still stuck"

- Marin Heinritz, Revue Magazine     read more

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