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Fitzmaurice Voicework

Fitzmaurice Voicework®

Classes, Private sessions


Fitzmaurice Voicework® is a comprehensive approach to voice training. It includes, as needed, work on breathing and the body, resonance, speech, dialects, impromptu and prepared public speaking, text, singing, voice with movement, and presence. While the training is specific, it is offerred in such a way that it is compatible with other approaches. This unique path to the mastery of vocal functioning was originated by Catherine Fitzmaurice.

Kelsey Jackson

TPT Yoga for Actors &

                         Voice Users

Classes, Private sessions


Yoga practice focused on both the balance of strength and flexibility, and the freedom of breath in support of healthy vocal use. This practice is designed to support Fitzmaurice Voicework® in particular, but is supportive of all voice techniques.

Terrel Presence Training®

Terrel Presence Training
Terrel Presence Training
Terrel Presence Training

Classes, Private sessions


Terrel Presence Training® is a technique that assists the performer in establishing presence onstage, experiencing and allowing the audience into the present moment, connecting more effectively and at a deeper level with others onstage and with the audience, and helping actors become more comfortable with being “seen”.  It is a series of exercises that can be taught in sequence or utilized specifically to achieve particular objectives.  This way of working is well suited to developing palpable actor chemistry and the physical and energetic ensemble adhesiveness that creates physical history and depth for actors/characters.  


Terrel Presence Training® deals with the core of what makes us human: with our ability to connect with other people; physical, emotional, and spiritual contact; movement; and availability as an actor and a human being. 


Terrel Presence Training® helps the actor ground the body and the voice.  It increases one’s physical and vocal power.  Taking the room and taking the stage become easier.  Reaching into and beyond the camera lens becomes easier to play with and ‘do on purpose’.  It gives the actor a sense of control and a technique for managing their own physicality and energy.


Actor Preparation

Individual attention to the tools that help you show who you are and what you can do. No cookie-cutter molds here. This is about helping you bring more of who you are into your work.

Elizabeth Terrel

Material Selection

Headshot Selection 

Resume Preparation

Audition Coaching

Image Consulting & Design

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