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Gender Embodiment: Voice

Voice Gender Elizabeth Terrel Coaching

Pitch, Timbre, Word usage, Phrase onset - all these things and more influence the way we are perceived in the world.


Together we will explore your voice and its capabilities. You will discover tools that will allow you to shape your vocal identity.   

Gender Embodiment: Movement

Drew Porrett

Movement is alignment, breath, motion, stance, bend, angle, and curve. It provides the most obvious and the subtlest of information. It influences perception at deep levels.


Together we will explore your physical possibilities and you will learn tools to help you shape the physical identity you desire. 

Gender Embodiment: Image

Color & Image Consulting and Design begins with coloring, shape, texture, who you are, what you are drawn to, and what you want.


It is about crafting your image so that who you are on the inside is evident on the outside.


It's not just about how you look - it's about looking and feeling LIKE YOU.

Elizabeth's areas of expertise (voice, movement, and image specialties) make her uniquely suited for coaching clients working with issues of Gender Embodiment in a variety of ways.

Elizabeth is a recommended provider for the University of Michigan Comprehensive Gender Services program.

Clients range in age 12 - 80.

Prior to your first session, please fill out the Gender Embodiment Client Intake Form and please begin an Image Collection.

Getting Started

3. Create an Image Collection - you may want to read this article in the blog
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