July 14, 2019

When we schedule inspiration and passion, it becomes work and we need to be paid for it.

I've been giving this a lot of thought lately -- this idea of doing what we love for a living. 

Like many of you, I worked hard to be able to get paid to do a variety of things I love -- things I would and occasionally DO do for free.

The thing is, when I do them for free, it's because I feel inspired, in that moment, to create. OR because that particular work inspires me and it is worth it for me to schedule it (which, by the way, means I will likely pass up paid work in order to do it.)

When my creativity, inspiration, and passion need to be scheduled to meet another's timeline, then it becomes work. Because the fact is that I am just not alwa...

February 19, 2018

What happens AFTER your headshot session? Now you select the shots that will get you the results you want.

Once you’ve taken your headshots, your photographer will send them to you.

Picking the right headshot is important.

Here are the general guidelines:

  • Remove the ones you don’t like at all. There will be some poor shots - you were blinking, talking, doing some weird thing with your eye or mouth, etc. Take those out. Why look at them again or let anyone else look at them? I hate looking at bad pictures of myself - it leaves me feeling unattractive. So why look at those that are just BAD ever again?

  • It can be helpful to group them into relevant groupings: smiling, friendly, serious, etc.

  • For a basic headshot, remove t...

  • August 1, 2016

    An Image Collection is simply a collection of images.It is also sometimes called a Vision Board or a Collage.

    The purpose of your Image Collection is to help develop a common goal for our work together. As we work together in developing your Image, it is important that we are working toward something that makes you feel good and that inspires you. There are a million ways for your Image to be “right”. My goal is not to make you what I think you “should” be, but to help you shape your image to what you want it to be.

    “Beautiful” means different things to different people. “Masculine” and “Feminine” mean different things to different people. “Colorful”, “Sleek”, “Traditional”, “Dramatic”, “Romantic”, and “Modern” all mean different...

    September 8, 2015

    For an actor (and yes, for real estate agents, etc.) your headshot is your calling card. It’s job is to let people know what you look like. 

    So the #1 most important thing about a headshot is that IT LOOKS LIKE YOU! It should look like you on a good day. I know that may sound obvious, but we aren’t all comfortable with our own looks, and that can sometimes get in our way. When I look at my own headshot, I easily see things I would change about my face if I could - things I will not list here. But the thing is, it looks like me.

    The best thing anyone can ever say about your headshot is, “You look just like your headshot!”

    So how do you get a headshot that looks like you?

  • Meet with photographers and pick a photographer you LIKE. Y...

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