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Elizabeth Terrel's Auditioning For Actor Training Programs is an absolute must read! When preparing for an undergraduate, or graduate program, there are a million and one things to consider, remember and practice. Terrel has a way of cutting through all of the clutter and gives you the matter-of-fact guidance you need. From how to pick the right audition material to what to wear the day of the audition, this book has everything the actor or parents of the actor needs to know. Audition for an acting program (or programs) is a very nerve wracking thing. Terrel's book helps you stay grounded and confident in what the process is going to be like and what you need to prepare yourself for. Take some of the guess work and nerves out of it by reading this book. You will be SO thankful you did!

Elizabeth Terrel's book is pragmatic, extremely insightful, and delightful. I love the way the sections are organized, and how she describes the crafting of an audition as something that is magical. It can be so very easy to forget that this piece of the work is also an artistic endeavor :) So many useful tidbits. I wish I had this book when I was auditioning for programs many years ago, it would have been a great asset.

Elizabeth Terrel’s Auditioning for Actor Training Programs is the book I wish I had when I was 18 years old and auditioning for Undergraduate training programs. She breaks down and explains everything you need to know to achieve your best audition possible. After reading this you will be able to walk into the audition room with confidence and ease because you will know what to expect and how to be prepared. If you are at all interested in going to a school for acting, and want an inside scoop on how to make that dream come true, then you need this book! The beautiful part is that this book isn’t just for the interested students; it helps to educate and ease the mind of nervous parents as well!

Elizabeth's no nonsense breakdown of how to audition for acting programs would have been a DREAM to have when I was going through school. She is both kind and firm in her explanations. She's included everything from the traditional what to wear and how to find a monologue, but also how to create positive and sustainable audition habits (like rewarding yourself!) I love that she subtly (and not so subtly) introduces mindfulness and somatic recognition-how to be present! It was nice to read all the interviews of both undergraduate and graduate professors and directors, and to see how casual and REAL these people are. They humanize these larger than life figures in a young actor's life. Bonus: a section dedicated to PARENTS on how to support their actors AND how to deal with any fears of omigoshmychildwantstobeanactor

I teach theatre to high school women and will definitely be recommending it, and lending it, to them.

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